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Meet Michelle

I’ve been around home builders all my life. As a freckle-faced kid in worn out corduroys, I would hop in the Crown Victoria with my Stepdad and go to his job sites. I’d hammer down nails, pick up scraps for forts, and dream up big plans while climbing trees. My Grandpa built almost every home he and Grandma lived in, from the ground up. To this day, my favorite house is the little blue A-Frame Grandpa built. I suppose it’s really no surprise I married a guy who built cabins in his free time!

Growing up we moved all over the U.S., and Germany too. I started drawing, photographing and fantasizing about architecture and design in each new city I explored. Later on, while raising two amazing daughters and owning homes of my own, I started renovating. I actually enjoyed stripping layers of wallpaper, getting to those old gold and green flowers, tearing out entire walls, and building back something beautiful.

In 2008 I became a mortgage loan officer, in the midst of the real estate market crashing. In hindsight, the experience was invaluable. By 2016 I had found my way to my true passion, and took the leap to becoming a licensed REALTOR®️. Since that time, I have helped my clients buy and sell all over Atlanta and North Georgia.

Through the years of helping families secure mortgages, buy and sell real estate, renovate properties, develop land, design and now build the homes of their dreams, it became clear to me that there was a bridge missing between these life-changing transitions. My response to this challenge has always been, “we’re going to do what’s best for your family,” and I am absolutely thrilled to bring Peak 3 Realty to your service in this same spirit!

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